Currently Available Titles

At this time, I have no books for sale. A few of my older titles, under my prior pen name, may be out there and being sold by third parties.

I get no royalties from those purchases. To be honest, they probably aren’t worth the money you’d be charged to buy them.

Keep watching this space. I’ve signed a 3 book contract with Creative James Media for my ‘Heroes of Avoch’ series! Tentative release dates are as follows:

‘Scales & Stingers’ (book 1) – March 14, 2023

‘Shield & Scepter’ (book 2) – March 12, 2024

‘Sword & Soul’ (book 3) – October 15, 2024

Pre-order for each title will happen approximately 3 months before release. I’ll be posting links as soon as I have them!