And away we go!

So, I finally gave up and started a blog.  For the most part, this is going to revolve around my writing.  Not just promoting my books (my first novel, Daughter of Hauk, is available in ebook form from Solstice Publishing, Amazon, and B&N), but some of the other things that happen when you go from wanting to be published to published author.

My book released just over two weeks ago.  I signed my contract just over two months ago.  I’m discovering that things can move either very quickly (in my case) or very slowly.  There are some who signed contracts about the same time as I did who still haven’t gotten an editor assigned to them.  Though I’m not bringing it up as to how fast mine moved along to brag.  If anything, it’s humbling.

The real work, beyond writing the book to begin with, isn’t in getting a publisher.  It’s what happens afterwards.  Don’t fool yourself by thinking your publisher will do all your publicity.  They won’t.  They’ll do a LOT, yes, but you need to do your own share.

The good thing about being an author is you retain a level of anonymity that many movie stars would kill for.  Your face isn’t instantly recognized.  You can hide behind a pen name.  But you still need to develop a public persona.

I’m still working on that part.


4 thoughts on “And away we go!

  1. I like your persona just fine : ) it has changed alot over the years. I hope to around for many more changes.
    Thanks for the info the other day, releasing everything back to the universe helped.
    BTW I think the beautiful shirt you wore for the reunion would be perfect for an Authors Bio pic…. Back cover or inside of the back jacket of your book…

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