Guess who I met today?

A little background is needed, I think. 

Several months ago, my hubby and I decided our daughters were finally getting old enough that we could leave them home and start doing things WE liked to do.  Like seeing what it was like at a convention.  Today, we went up to Emerald City Comicon for the first time.

I also recently did a blog interview that will be going live in a week or so.  One of the questions he asked was about a dream cast should ‘Daughter of Hauk’ ever be made into a movie.  For the character of Barek, I chose Jason Momoa.

Mr. Momoa has been in several sci-fi/fantasy movies (Game of Thrones, Conan, and one of the Stargate series).  He’s also very gorgeous.

We hadn’t planned on getting autographs, as we figured the lines would be long.  And they were, for most of the guests there.  We walked by and Jason Momoa’s line was short.  We’re talking one person in front of me short.

Guess who I met today?

And, yes, I did tell him I had gotten a book published and been asked about a dream cast and that I’d put him in it.  He actually seemed genuinely surprised and touched that I would do so.  My hubby thinks I made his day.

I have an autographed picture to put on my wall.  And I got to shake the hand of my dream Barek.  Life is good today.

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