New experiences, both good and bad


I know, I’ve been very lax about posting lately.  Volleyball season has started, so there’s lots of running to get my oldest from practice and going to games.  Still, I’m finding time for lots of stuff!

I had my first blog tour recently!  It was, um, different.  For the most part, things went smoothly.  There was one person who never posted the blog I sent him, but I think he was confused.  Every blog he sent me an address for was one he’d been interviewed for instead of one he hosted himself.  I had one or two empty slots, but I put it together sorta last minute.  Next time, I’ll plan more in advance!

I also go asked to visit my old creative writing class and talk to the students about getting published!  When I walked in at the end of class, the instructor mentioned I was right on time because they’d just wrapped up class work.  Next thing I knew, everyone broke into applause.  I’ve never walked into a room and heard that before. 

Class was great.  The students asked some great questions, and I don’t think I stammered much.  After class, I had a few approach me.  Never a bad thing in my world!  Answered the questions they still had, told a few stories (like the Red Robin Incident).  One invited me out for coffee as we were in the parking lot.  She insisted on paying, saying she wanted to tell her family she’d bought a published author a coffee.

My job bought me a coffee.  That was a little surreal.

It’s humbling, thrilling, and a bit strange all at the same time to have someone want to talk to you or treat you to coffee because of your job.  And I don’t want to get used to it, expect it.  Far better to continue to be blown away than become a demanding diva in my mind!

LQQK magazine put a short story of mine in their May issue!  It’s a bit on the funny side.  Well, I think it’s funny anyway.  You can find it at

Next on the agenda?  Well, in the non-writing part of my life I’ve got a SCA event where I’m in charge of all the merchants!  Taking a copy of ‘Daughter of Hauk’ with me to advertise the book as well.  I’ve got an entire Kingdom full of people who may get it just because they know me from eventing or online lists.  I’ve gotten a lot of positive encouragement from An Tir.  Hmmm….perhaps I should take a sharpie to event just in case someone shows up, book in hand, asking for an autograph.

I’ll be on a podcast in June.  Details to come!

In July, I’m being interviewed on a great internet radio show!  I’ll post particulars when it gets a bit closer.

August has my first book signing event.  We had thought to do it in July, but a few things came up at the store hosting it, so we pushed it back a few weeks.  This is something new for the owner as well, so we’re both hoping it’s a success all the way around!

Ok, need to deal with a few other things around the house before I get writing.  I’m really trying hard to get the first draft of ‘Son of Corse’ (sequel to ‘Daughter of Hauk’) done by the end of this month!  I’m not doing great on time management, though.  LOL

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