The week of In Between

No, it’s not a week where I’m in between projects.  Hope that it will be soon, but not yet!  It’s a week between trips.

Last weekend, we visited my parents on the other side of the state.  It’s very warm there in the summer, which I don’t miss.  Came home to even more warm here, which is a rarity.  I’m hoping for the promised cool down to come today.  I love my office.  It’s very ‘me’ in here, and the energy flow is wonderful.  But it just gets too HOT when a heat wave hits the area.

Keep in mind, a heat wave in the Seattle area is anything above 90.  Having had mild heat stroke when I was younger, that’s too hot for me.  My preferred temp is around 65-70.  I was watching the national weather forecast earlier this summer and shuddering.  Anything over 100 and I don’t even want to walk the few feet between our front door and my air conditioned van.  I’m a wimp when it comes to heat and admit it freely.

This coming weekend, we’re off on vacation.  There may or may not be a post by me on Monday!  I’ll have my netbook, in case there’s some downtime and I want to write.  Outside of a few ‘must do’ things, we keep vacation plans pretty loose.  Easier to be spontaneous that way.

Tomorrow, you’re all in for a real treat!  One of my fellow Solstice authors will be stopping by to guest blog with me!  Andrea’s a terrific person, and an amazing writer.  Be sure to say hello to her!

This past weekend was the start of a busy month for us as a family.  There was the visit, then vacation, volleyball tryouts for my oldest start, my book signing, Lego camp for the youngest, date day with my hubby at PAX, and then the kids are back in school.  


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