Chasing the Rainbow

I’m sitting here this morning, listening to a new Susan Boyle cd. I love her voice, and take a great deal of inspiration from her. She’s really not that much older than I am, and achieved her dream in a rather spectacular way. I’ve certainly not become the overnight sensation she has! But, by knowing her story and her courage to continue trying for her dream, I find the courage to continue chasing mine.

The song on right now is ‘Over the Rainbow’. It struck a cord this morning. And this is why.

We all have dreams, aspirations, goals. Some are loftier than others, more a fervent wish than anything rooted in reality. I learned a long time ago that money doesn’t buy happiness, no matter how many times I lie awake at night dreaming about how we’d spend lottery winnings. Most of my dreams of that end up with money put aside for our daughters, our retirement, and paying off our house. Not moving, mind you. We love our house, and have sunk quiet a chunk of change into it over the last ten years we’ve lived here. It’s home, and I wouldn’t leave it solely because we had the money for something bigger.

I’ve always been creative. On some level, I knew my entire life that any career that I would find satisfactory would be in the arts. The idea of creating something, a character on film or in books, a voice on the radio, anything that stuck in people’s minds has a great appeal for me. I’m sure any number of psychologists would say I’m searching for approval I didn’t get as a child, validation that I’m worthy of praise. My thought is I just love chasing rainbows.

I caught one earlier this year, when my book came out. And I’m ready to catch the next one. The chance for that pot of gold at the end keeps me going. The next one might be more successful than the one out now. It might draw readers to my first book. If nothing else, it’ll prove to me that I’m not just a flash in the pan. 

Lightning can strike twice, never let anyone tell you differently. Anyone who says you need to give up because you ‘got lucky’ is the one who is more afraid of failure than you are.

Go find your dream, go chase your rainbow. I dare you 🙂


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