The Dangers of Mental Masturbation

And it’s not what you think I mean!

Before I get started, though, just a quick reminder that voting for Solstice Publishing’s 2012 Author of the Year is still open! I’m running a distant second to a wonderful author, Jessica Tornese, but there are a few who are closing in on me! If you’ve got a moment or two between now and Jan. 31st, please go to the link below and make your vote count. “Daughter of Hauk” is doing well for SciFi/Fantasy Book of the Year, but every vote matters.

Now, onto today’s topic!

The other day, I was talking with one of my writing buds (Tony Rudzki) and I was overanalyzing something I was trying to do with ‘Son of Corse’. I was stressing over just how long to draw out a certain event.

No, I’m not going to tell you. Too much of a spoiler 🙂

By the end of the conversation, he told me I should just stop with the mental masturbation and write the scene. And he was right. It’s too easy for me to overthink things. My writing flows better if I just let the words come to me, not plan things to the minutest detail. I have to ignore the so-called ‘rules’, let my muse take hold, and relax.

Well, that and actually sit down to write! So many other distractions have come between me and writing over the last week or two it’s not funny. I had a lot of time yesterday where I couldv’e lost myself into my book. Did I? Nope. I relaxed with my family, took a nap, and played card games.

That’s the other problem with the mental masturbation trap. I spend more time thinking about my story than I do writing it. I play card games on my computer, check the poll results (yes, I get a little thrill out of seeing one more vote for me), and let other things take precedence because I’m afraid I haven’t gotten the scene I’m on ‘perfect’ yet. 

But, it will never be perfect until I get it out of my head and onto paper.

Excuse me, I need to go write now.


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