And the winner is….Jessica Tornese!

Jessica Tornese, an absolutely fabulous author and person, recently won Solstice Publishing’s reader’s poll for 2012 Author of the Year! She was gracious enough to stop by and answer a few pesky questions for me. I hope you all fall in love with her as much as I have!

And we also have a winner in the title contest! The EIC over at Solstice and I both fell in love with  “Mark of the Successor”! Congratulations, Charla Shaw! I’ll send you a pdf copy of the book when it releases.

On to our guest for today!

1.       The all important question everyone always wants to know: What are you working on now?

I am working on the third and final book in my Linked Through Time series. After that, I have a few plots started for other YA novels.

2.       You were recently voted Solstice Publishing’s 2012 Author of the Year. What was that like?

It was extremely overwhelming to see how much support I have. Everyone was on board to vote and spreading the word like crazy! I really am thankful to them. Now, let’s hope people feel the books are worthy!

3.       What has been the most surreal moment you’ve had since your first book was released?

I have overheard people arguing over my book, trying to figure out what they thought really happened in the book. It was awesome to know someone really cared enough about the book to be mulling it over for weeks afterward. I always love when someone emails me to ask when the next book is coming because they can’t wait to find out what happens to their favorite character. I have had those “book hangovers” before, and it’s amazing to think people feel that way about my books!

4.       Do you have a set schedule for writing each day? Or are there times where you need just one more cup of coffee?

I have three children, so I write whenever I have moment. Lately, that’s never! Between teaching, sports schedules, scouts, and church, I have no time to run three consecutive sentences together, much less write a book!

5.       What’s your favorite coffee, and how do you take it?

No coffee! Never could drink the stuff. But I love a thick milkshake!

6.       How much research goes into your books?

I try to research historical points, but most of the book is writing from experience and places I have been. The historical part is a little trickier, but I try to keep it as accurate as possible.

7.       What’s something about yourself that fans don’t expect when they meet you?

I think they are surprised that I am an author at all. Most people find out I am an author after they have already met me, so they are genuinely surprised to learn I play roles other than mom and preschool teacher.

8.       If you weren’t an author, what would you be doing?

I loved coaching volleyball. I think I would like to pursue that again someday. I also want to volunteer more and get my children to start doing service work for others. It’s so important to get involved in your community!

9.       How much time do you put into polishing up your novel once the first draft is done?

I read over my book many, many times before submitting. I edit again and again, and the most frustrating part is still finding errors when the finished product is out there.

10.   Do you have beta readers and crit partners, or do you self-edit?

Self-edit.  I have had people review the second book before submitting it just to see if they had any questions, but I don’t have any regular feedback other than my husband and mother-in-law.

11.   Is there a genre you want to write in or enjoy more than others? One you’d never write, no matter how much you were asked?

I love YA books. There is so much drama, emotions, and angst during those years. I still read YA myself, and love the authors out there. Most of the plots I have saved for later are all YA. I don’t think I could ever write romance or erotica. I would laugh like a giddy sixth grader the entire time and would have no idea what I was talking about. My idea of lingerie is a t-shirt and sweats, so….that genre would be a no go.



Jessica Tornese



2 thoughts on “And the winner is….Jessica Tornese!

  1. What a great interview ladies…..Jessica, most impressive that you have a book written, let alone published with all the irons you have in the fire!
    Folks, I have read Linked Through Time and it is a wonderful story. You won’t be sorry when you pick this one up!!

    Penny Estelle

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