The Waiting Game

Spring is here. Sort of. The last few nights have felt more like October than March! We’ve woken up to frost on our cars, even a slight dusting of snow! Much as we’d like to turn the heat off, it’s not happening yet.

One of the hardest things authors do is wait. We wait to hear back on our submissions, for our editor assignment, from our editor, from the cover artist, etc. Even if we’re working on the next novel, the urge to check our email is hard to resist some days. Who doesn’t want to find out what their book cover will look like? Or put aside a work in progress in order to make suggested changes to the one about to go into the world?

This week, I have a new project to help me get through the waiting. Even with the chilly temperatures, it’s spring cleaning time. Time to get rid of stuff we’ve stored for years and no longer want or need, rearrange things. Evaluate what needs to stay vs. what can be let go of.

I’m sure my back will be sore when I’m done. But the house will be cleaner. We started the process over the weekend, and it will continue all week. Today, I plan on tackling my office. There are things here that can stop cluttering up my life, and my mind.

And maybe, just maybe, when I take a break I’ll have an email to squeal about.


One thought on “The Waiting Game

  1. My son took psychology in college. He used to be a pack rat, but during a lecture a professor told the class’ “Holding on to things only holds you down,” I always remember that when I’m going through closets and giving to Goodwill. It makes it easier to part with things.

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