Time to get Busy!

I know, I’m running late on things this morning. Call it a combination of great weather, needing to help the oldest with homework this morning, lots to do with my job, and the periodic amusement of watching Caspar, the 9 month old kitten, discovering how much fun it can be to chase a fly.

No matter the mood, there’s something very calming and right in my world while watching a cat play. Yes, sometimes he jumps to the wrong place. And he’ll run full throttle over anyone in his way in pursuit of that small winged creature, usually with claws out. The face, though…and watching his body wind up for the pounce. I dare you not to smile a little!

So, it’s about to get pretty busy around the web as far as I’m concerned! ‘Mark of the Successor’ has made it past the proofreader, and so we’re gearing up for release! I’ve got a full on blog tour scheduled starting this coming Wednesday, so get ready for posting mayhem! Today, I had an interview go live…check it out here:  http://marielavender.blogspot.com/

The final day of the tour, May 16th, I’ll be appearing on Authors on the Air and having a virtual release party on FaceBook! I’ll provide links to everyone soon. Be sure to like my FB page to get an invite! https://www.facebook.com/pages/KateMarie-Collins/217255151699492?ref=hl

I’m in that ‘in between’ space. A book about to release, and my mind wanting to move onto a new project. The final book to The Raven Chronicles needs to be written, yet my mind went someplace totally different on Saturday. Head over to my FB page and check out the post with the possible start of yet another book.

Okay, I need to get busy. Still have lots to do today, and sitting here isn’t getting it accomplished.


One thought on “Time to get Busy!

  1. Never doubt for a second that you’re a writer. Only writers would say, “…and the periodic amusement of watching Caspar, the 9 month old kitten, discovering how much fun it can be to chase a fly.”

    Best of fortunes on your tour! Wishing you much success!

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