New Titles, and What They Really Mean

Thank you, everyone! “Mark of the Successor” launched last week to great fanfare and fun. To my great surprise, it even spent a brief few days on Amazon’s Best Seller list for fantasy – coming of age!

That means that I can officially call myself a best selling author.

Wow. I gotta admit. It’s humbling and exciting to see those two words in front of my job. The book peaked at #31, and dropped off the list over the weekend, but it’s still something I’m smiling about.

There’s the excitement of being able to say that, yes. But I also know how many books actually sold to put me on the list. The number’s not in the hundreds like most would assume. Last time I checked, I sold fewer than 15 copies.

That’s right. I made a best seller list with really small sales.

What does that mean? Well, Amazon’s got an interesting way to rank books for one. While it was an absolute thrill to see the cover on the list (yes, I ghosted the list way too much Thursday and Friday) and not far from books by Mercedes Lackey and Terry Brooks, it’s a sobering reality that it doesn’t take tons of sales to make the list. You just have to sell one more unit than the guy behind you.

I’ve gotten some good reviews so far, and I’m hoping sales continue to move upwards. Who knows? Maybe I’ll get another day on the list once the long weekend hits and people go looking for a new read. 

If you’re in need of a good book or two, I can recommend titles 🙂


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