Good morning!

Well, it’s finally begun. I wrote the opening for ‘Wielder of Tiren’, the final book in the Raven Chronicles. The ideas are flowing, scenes are forming in my mind, and I’m moving forward.

I’m still working hard at Solstice, trying to find that balance between writing my own stuff and reading submissions. Somewhere in there, I’ve got my family and various things in the mix. Some days are harder than others. But I’m in a place now that I wouldn’t trade away cheaply. 

Could my life be better? Sure. I have yet to meet an author who doesn’t want more sales. ‘Mark of the Successor’ sales have slowed down. I’ll have to spend some time this week promoting the books. 

This is the balance I need. Taking the time I spend working, reading, writing, promoting, and fitting those around family needs. One of our cats ended up at the vet last week. She’ll be fine, though she does not like the cone. I’ve got a Society for Creative Anachronism event this coming weekend, where I’m in charge of the merchants, and I’m squaring everything away for that. Candles are being made, scones and camp food need to be cooked, the van needs to be loaded.

Today, though, I’m going to hit the ground running. Do as much as I can, as quickly as I can, for Solstice. Make candles while I’m working on that (yeah for a hobby I can do while multitasking!), maybe throw out a promo tweet or two.

Then, it’s back to Arwenna’s latest problem. Things aren’t so wonderful in paradise any more.


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