The Devil in the Details

As authors, we live by conveying details. We write, sometimes in minute detail, the scenery around our characters, the weave of their cloak, the embroidery on the handkerchief. It’s these details that bring our characters and worlds to life in the minds of the readers.

And the details are good to have. They add so much to our writing. 

Until your book is published and you aren’t getting the sales you expected.

That’s when you start trying to analyze WHY it’s not selling. Is the cover right? What about the blurb? Could the font be changed?

Here’s a tip: Try PROMOTING YOUR BOOK!!!

Covers and blurbs do matter. Those are the first impressions that readers get. But don’t get so caught up in ‘tricks’ to help your book sell that you forget the basics.

If you’re not telling people you’ve got a book out there, if you’re not trying to brand your name, the only sales you’ll get are from friends, family, and the really random stranger who happens to come across it at 3 a.m. on a website.

That’s not going to drive your numbers up, increase your exposure.

If you want to sell a book, promote it. Talk to people, get to know them. I was at a street fair last weekend and stopped in to get a henna tattoo. When the artist asked why I selected the one I did, I started talking about my books. Even gave her my card.

That’s what’s going to sell your book. Connecting with potential readers. The font? Nope. That’s just being difficult.


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