Better late than never!

It was a crazy week, day, weekend! I know, I know. I normally post on Mondays. I may have even concerned a few of you for posting this late in the day!

With our vacation coming up (we leave Saturday!), I’m trying to do extra things for Solstice this week. It means hitting the ground running at 7 am and going into the afternoon, but I also know my inbox will be full when I get back. The more I can clear out of it now, the better!

I do have some good news to share, though!

We have a release date for ‘Son of Corse’!!!! Mark your calendars for August 13th, 2013! 

I’m going on a huge, two week long, blog tour from August 7th to the 21st to promote the book. The link for the day will be posted here each morning once the post is live. You really want to follow along! Why? Because I’m sharing 2-3 paragraphs from the prologue of ‘Son of Corse’ in each blog!

For example, on August 6th, I’ll post the first two paragraphs here and on my FB page. On the 7th, you can click on the link I’ll put here and go read the next 2 paragraphs…and so on. By the time the end of the tour happens, the entire prologue will be up in small teasers!

On the 13th, I’m showing up on a podcast. The teaser for the day will be read during the show! Be sure to tune in for the fun!

And…the other bit of news….

The paperback version of ‘Mark of the Successor’ will release soon! 

I don’t have an exact date for that yet, just sometime before the end of August. Stay tuned!

So, have a terrific week! I’ve got a guest blogger coming in on Wednesday this week. Be nice and give her a warm welcome!


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