Drumroll please!

Vacation was…ahhhhhhhh. That about sums it up. Relaxing, calming, and overall just fun. Got back to work yesterday with a great new attitude and perspective! Not that I have a bad job! Nope! Still, the break was timed about perfectly.

I got spoiled a bit during our vacation. My 5-6 year old Kindle started acting up. It rebooted itself five times during a single book, and didn’t go back to the last page read. It’d go back to page 1. So, on the way home, my hubby stopped at a Best Buy and I walked out with a new Kindle Fire HD! It’s the bigger one, 8.9″ screen, and I’m loving it. 

The big promo push and blog tour for ‘Son of Corse’ begins…TODAY! With the very first teaser being posted in this entry! For the next two weeks, you’ll get links here to each tour stop. On each blog – or during my podcast on August 13th! – you will be able to read the next 2-3 paragraphs of the prologue to the book! So, keep watching for the links and follow along!

And away we go!


Senyan stared blankly into the fire. His eyes narrowed. He’d been a pawn his entire life, and was still. It was time to change that.

            “Lord Senyan?” A quiet voice interrupted his thoughts. Senyan’s hand held a glass of wine. With a deliberate motion, he placed the goblet on the small table beside him before rising gracefully.  

More tomorrow!


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