Day 3 of The Teaser Tour!

I’m not sure what happened to the blog that was supposed to host me today. But, I’d rather post the teaser twice than not at all!

Here’s the next installation of the ‘Son of Corse’ Teaser Tour!

     The climb up the tower was long. A dull red glow tainted the opaque windows. It sat well with him, not being able to see what dwelled outside. This was the place she chose to send them. Even Corse liked his solitude here. Senyan had an idea of what demons she would surround them with, what horrors of her own devising would dwell outside.

            The door at the top gleamed slightly, the iron bands that held the thick wood planks reflecting the light from the torches nearby. Straightening his stance, Senyan rapped on the door. It opened without a sound after his knock.

            “You sent for me?” Senyan called out into the room.


Tune in tomorrow for more!


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