Readers Vs. Fans

Someone once told me they were my “#1 fan”. And I talked with them at length about that. Why? Because I want readers, not fans.

A fan is the groupie at the rock concert, the screaming person on the rail as the stars walk the red carpet. A fan shoves a pencil and piece of paper in your hand. A fan borders on obsession with you, your work, your characters.

A reader is that…they read your books. They email you and ask in depth questions about the character’s motivations. They follow your blog, twitter, FB, and snatch up the newest book on release day. They’re polite, inquisitive, and intelligent.

They engage you in conversation on FB. Answer questions you’ve asked about topics ranging from box sets to new releases to possible sequels. They laugh with you, celebrate with you, and always remember you are more than just an author.

I’m trying to expand my promotional base in an attempt to attract  more readers. I’ve started separate pages on FB for my books. I’d be honored if you’d find a way to stop by and like one or two that are connected to your favorite books of mine.

My main author page:

For The Raven Chronicles:

For Mark of the Successor:

For Kick the Can:

What’s new on some of these pages? Well, links to the books themselves. I’m trying to get a discussion going on the ‘MotS’ page about a sequel. There’s a teaser for book 3 on the Raven Chronicles page. And news about some upcoming books on my author page. Take a look…you’re going to get more information there, and faster, than you would be here!

Authors can never have enough readers. That’s what keeps us writing, knowing we’ve got people out there wanting to read what comes next. And I’m honored to count each and every one of you among them.


4 thoughts on “Readers Vs. Fans

  1. Great blog site! As a newbie writer I love the sentiment and hope that I do get a readership that enjoys my style and stories.
    I’m working as hard as I can to be worthy of my readers, getting better with each book/story.
    Best of luck!

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