Storms, writing, and me

I love storms. Wind, rain…all of it.

As long as I’m home, cozy, warm, and not driving in it anyway. LOL We aren’t discussing how much I still dislike snow after my last real encounter kept me from my event.

Right now, it’s the kind I love. Rain is coming down in sheets, echoing throughout the house as it hits the skylight in the kitchen. The ambient light in the house has dimmed from the heavy clouds blocking what sun we had even thirty minutes ago. There’s been enough of a drop in temperature that I’m thinking I should find a shawl.

This is the kind of weather that makes me want to disappear into my writing. Find the muse, delve into a scene, close my eyes and let my fingers find the words.

There’s an electricity to the air right now. It both energizes me and has me thinking of possibilities. What if…..

Two of the best words I know of 🙂

Besides, when it’s storming like this, I’m not distracted as easily. The focus is there. I may love storms, but I’m not going to go chase a butterfly in one!

My characters might, though!


One thought on “Storms, writing, and me

  1. I don’t like storms at all, but I love the picture you’ve painted with words. I enjoy writing even when it is raining as long as I can’t hear the howling wind and the noisy rain clatter.

    I found your blog on the Author site on FB. Here’s my blog: http//

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