Channeling life’s changes into your writing

Last week was not a good one. In all honesty, it started on the 23rd. That evening, we lost a feline companion of 16+ years. Athena was, hands down, the most intelligent cat I’ve ever had the privileged of being owned by. She more than lived up to her name. Whenever I’d get on one of my writing binges, she’d perch herself on my shoulder and purr as my fingers found the words. She is sorely missed.

Add to that a youngest daughter who manages to trip herself, strain her calf muscle, and end up on crutches and you’ll get a good idea how my week went. LOL

The thing of it is, writing is therapy for me. I’ll be able to dive into my characters and take the pain I feel and process it. Yes, there might be a few tears. And more than once my characters have not liked what I put them through. But we write what we know. You can imagine what it means to be beaten, but the only way to truly convey the pain (both physical and psychological) in your writing is to either spend time talking with someone who has gone through that or go through it yourself.

If anything, Athena’s passing will help in that regard. In ‘Wielder of Tiren’, someone has died. And their passing has caused a great deal of pain. It’s not the first time I’ve dealt with this kind of loss, but the pain is still very fresh. 

‘Fin’s Magic’ is moving towards release, and we’re going to do something new with this book! It will be up for pre-release orders via Smashwords! Can’t say when the listing will happen (watch this space!), as we’re still finishing up the cover art. Once we have a cover, though, it will be listed. The pre-sale will run for about 3-4 weeks. After that, it will be on both Amazon and B&N for a while. Eventually, it will become an Amazon exclusive, so be sure to grab your copy early if you have a Nook!



2 thoughts on “Channeling life’s changes into your writing

  1. So very sorry about Athena. We share so many similar things. I recently lost my cat Toby 3 weeks ago, followed 2 weeks later by the death of a family member in Calif. My mother is in end stages of kidney disease and sometimes I just feel like I am drowning. Writing is so therapeutic, somewhere to dump emotions. I love how creative you are and how you turn negatives into positives. I am looking forward to blogging on WordPress and I am now following your blog.

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