Taking Time to Breathe

Morning, everyone!

Like most Monday’s around here, it’s a slow one. Kids don’t have to be up quite yet due to school starting later on Mondays. I can sit, write my blog, and watch the cats play.

As an author, my mind is constantly going. It’s filled with ideas, what to do next, dialogue between me and my imaginary friends. I’ll be thinking about upcoming events, or a way to reach readers that I haven’t found yet. I freely admit that one of the best perks about being an author is that when you mention you hear voices in your head, no one reaches for a straitjacket. This is the normal for an author…constant noise.

Which is what makes the quiet of a Monday so important. It makes me slow down, take a few deep breaths, and revel in the quiet. Weekends can be chaotic, so knowing I’ve got some time coming where I can find my center, regain my perspective, and breathe is important.

Next Monday even more so. I’ll be spending this coming Saturday at Emerald City ComiCon with my husband. It’s something we’ve done for three years now, and look forward to the next one as soon as we leave site. While I’m not a guest of any kind, I do have a friend who has a table on Artist’s Alley. He was generous enough to give me a small corner of his area to put out some postcards and business cards. I’ll share them here in a minute. I have no idea if they’ll be of interest for people who stop by Luke’s table, but it’s worth the chance. 


If you like it, let me know! If you’re going to Emerald City ComiCon, I hope you find his table (or me!) and pick one up. And – don’t forget – the presale for ‘Fin’s Magic’ is still going on! Check it out here: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/420044


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