Timing is Everything

I know…I’ve been busy with the blog this week! Today, though, I had something on my mind that wouldn’t go away. And it’s important to share.

When you sign with a publisher, be they big or small, don’t ignore them. Don’t spend two months trying to weigh your options on a contract offer. Or three months deciding if you like a cover. Six weeks to get back to your editor? Not cool.

Yes, life happens. Things crop up that are sudden and unexpected that take over your life. But your writing career should NOT be placed on the far back burner. Serious authors, who want a long career, are responsive. 

Unfortunately, there are writers out there who see this only as a one way street. They expect their House to drop everything and answer their questions immediately, yet take months to get back to them on other things. This is not right. It’s unprofessional, and rude. Do not expect a lightning fast response if you can’t be bothered to make a decision on your cover art without consulting sixteen friends and relatives.

Besides being rude and such, most contracts will have a clause stating how long you can take before requested revisions are completed, etc. By putting it off, even if YOU aren’t in a hurry, you could be breaching your contract and giving your House the opening to drop you. And you won’t have any reason to complain.

I believe in treating others as I want to be treated. If I want to be successful as an author, then I don’t shoot myself in the foot if I can help it. That includes dealing with edits in a timely manner, approving or asking for changes to the cover art without being a diva, getting my blurb to the EIC before they ask for it, and responding to emails from my publisher in a timely manner. Are they having trouble with my paypal account? Yeah, I’ll get right on it. I won’t wait six days. 


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