Vacation happened!

Yes, you read that title right. Vacation happened! It’s why I wasn’t posting on Monday last week. Miss me? LOL

We had a great time. Went towards the San Francisco area. Took in a baseball game, walked Fisherman’s Wharf, drove down Lombard Street, and took a boat tour of the bay. It was warm and sunny, something we miss out on here in Seattle Suburbia. Don’t get me wrong, we DO get to see the sun. After a long, gray winter, however…it was good to soak up some natural vitamin D.

The other nice thing about the break is that it made me forget about everything that ‘had’ to get done that typically gets in the way of my writing. Work happens every day. And I LOVE my job. It’s the other stuff (dishes, laundry, etc) that I tend to put higher on the list of my must do list. They take priority over writing, and they shouldn’t.

So, I’m back at work today. Finally caught up on my emails and have a good sense of what will be done tomorrow and the rest of the week. Writing will happen soon, as well. I’ve got the last book in the Raven Chronicles to finish up, plus have the edges of a new Amari book floating about in my mind.

It’s a toss up which one will be written first. Which one do you think? Finishing up Arwenna’s tale, or letting everyone know where Alaric comes from?


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