Taking deep breaths

It’s one of those Mondays. You know the kind I mean. Where you can’t focus, it seems like things are coming at you from all sides. That you can’t get any traction with work. Or your work in progress.

I’ve been stalled on a couple of wip’s for over a month now. Is it because there’s no time to write? Nope. If I’m in the mood, I make time. Is it because my muse is missing? Not really. She’s still there, reminding me with tantalizing tidbits of what she has in store for my characters.

So, why am I not writing? I really don’t know. It could be because sales have dropped off and I’m discouraged (yes, even I get that way some weeks). It could be that I’m too busy with life in general (kids, hubby, work). It could be that I fought off a spring cold last week.

Okay, this drought has lasted more than a week. It’s not the cold.

I think I’m still struggling with the idea that I can write. And that I’m good at it. Call it demons from my childhood, remnants of grade school through high school bullies, or whatever. I know better than to listen to those voices. But it’s not always easy some days. Or weeks.

I’m not depressed. I don’t need to be on medication. I don’t have violent mood swings or pose a threat to myself. I don’t think of myself as having a huge ego when it comes to my writing. And, should it ever go out of proportion, I’ve got a wonderful group of friends who would bring me back to reality. My issue is more remembering that it’s okay to believe in yourself and your talents. There’s nothing wrong with knowing you’re good at something. It’s a good thing to be confident. Just not cocky.

So, today I plan on focusing on some projects that need to be started that are short term to completion in the grand scheme of things. Why? Because sometimes a small accomplishment reminds me that the bigger ones are possible.


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