Last Monday With…K.R. McClure!

Hi there! It’s that time of the month again! Today, we welcome Solstice Shadows author, K.R. McClure!

1. What’s the title of your latest release? Link?

     “Edge Walker and the Orb of Death” It can be found on Amazon via this link: s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1391547541&sr=1-1&keywords=edge+walker+and+the+orb+of+death or this Tiny URL:

2. Why do you like writing in this genre?

    I’ve always loved the darker side of fantasy, so creating a character that moves in this sort of world is natural for me. Exploring it with humor is just a bonus.

3. What do you like to read?

    Anything I can get my hands on? I love the old myths, and history, and fantasy and comics and, well, a little bit of everything. Some of my favorite authors are: Sir Terry Pratchett, Niel Gaiman, S.M. Sterling, H.P. Lovecraft, Edgar Allen Poe and Shakespeare.

4. Favorite movie?

    Hm, not an easy choice. I suppose the one I will stop and watch whenever it is on is Raiders of the Lost Ark. That’s such a fun film!

5. What are your writing habits? Music or silence? Daily regimen or spurts of creativity?

    Spurts of creativity, though they tent to happen at the most inconvenient moments. It is hard to jot down an idea when going full-blast down the highway!

6. What was the most surreal moment you’ve had as an author?

    Actually coming to the realization that I AM an author!

7. How can readers find you?

    I have recently started a writer’s blog at: And I have an Edge Walker Facebook page.

8. What do you know now about being published that you wish you’d known before submitting?

    I’m still learning that part. It has been an interesting experience, though!

9. Favorite snack/drink while writing?

    Usually just a glass of water and some nuts, though once I get into the writing, I don’t notice anything else, even food!

10. Look at your writing area…what’s the item you keep to inspire you (piece of artwork, figurine)?

    I don’t really have an item that I use for inspiration. When I write, the world tends to fade out, and all I’m seeing is the story in my head. I *should* have a poster above my computer that says ‘Write, Dammit!’. 😉





Edge Walker

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