One of THOSE moments

Happy Labor Day, everyone! I plan on working on ‘Wielder of Tiren’ later today. Just have to finish up one or two more things that, if I don’t work on them, will fester in my brain and interrupt the plot. The last thing I need to write is dialogue about unloading the dishwasher! LOL

This weekend was amazing, for a couple of reasons. One, two of my short stories released as single ebooks. “Permafrost” is on Amazon and B&N, whereas “The Rose Box” is a B&N exclusive. Both are part of the anthologies, yes. But “Permafrost” was only available via the print version (“Challenges Met”). And, the one that had “The Rose Box” was an Amazon exclusive. I really like that story, so wanted to share it with those who prefer a Nook.

New releases are exciting and all. Don’t get me wrong! But something happened yesterday, one of THOSE moments in time, that trumped it.

Our family took an impromptu trip to Portland. Among the stops we made was Powell’s Books. Now, if you’ve never been there, let me explain the experience. Powell’s is the world’s largest independent book store. The flagship store is huge! We’re talking multi-storied, taking up an entire city block, and their own parking garage. Anyone who loves to read will get lost for hours.

In their scifi/fantasy/horror section, there’s a support pillar. On this one amazing pillar, there are signatures of all the authors for these genres that have visited the store. Hundreds of names decorate it under protective plexiglass. Greats of the genres. 

Powell’s has been renovating the store, and the names were covered to protect them during construction. When we visited yesterday, it was uncovered at last. I chatted with an employee about my books (they’re available on the website, but not in store). Next thing I knew, he was handing a key to someone else and finding a good pen. I followed the associate over to the wall of Fame, watched with more than a little awe as he unlocked one side, and held it aloft. He told me to ‘Pick my spot’. With shaking hand, I added my name to the wall.


My name, my name, is now among the amazing talent on that shrine. My name! It was the most amazing feeling. It’s like I suddenly went from a wanna be fantasy author to a legitimate name to be reckoned with. That, until that building is no more, I’m immortalized as someone whose work is worthy of notice, of being read.

That, my friends, is a moment worth remembering. Cherishing. And the feeling will keep me going when sales don’t back the honor of being part of the company on that pillar.


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