The Muse is in the House!

But not the way you’re thinking. LOL.

We adopted a kitten over the weekend, and her name is Muse. Now, one of my author friends has declared it to be the perfect name, as now I can blame the Muse for not just lack of writing, but spilled drinks, potted plants, broken dishes, etc.

The thing is, even though I’d like to, I can’t blame the lack of a muse in my life as the reason I have so many wip’s and none sitting with my beta readers/crit partners. It’s not the reason why The Raven Chronicles aren’t finished, or why the next installment for the Amari books hasn’t made it past the first few pages. Or why Sanctuary languishes, untouched for months, in my dropbox.

That’s all on me.

Writing takes discipline. It takes sitting down and ignoring social media and putting words to paper. It takes the drive and determination to write even if the Muse isn’t visiting, you aren’t feeling inspired.

It takes a routine.

When I started this blog, I wasn’t sure what I was going to write. How could I come up with some sort of topic each month? Is anyone going to ever think it’s worth time to follow? It was so sporadic at the start that I had to put post it note reminders all around my monitor. Topic ideas, post on Monday, use the time you have before kids head out the door, all sorts of notes to myself.

And that’s what I think I will be doing with my writing. Some sort of visual reminder, every day, to put at least 500 words or more down on a story. Will it take time? Heck, yes. It took me three to four months to get into the routine of posting each Monday here. But if I don’t make it a priority, carve out time each and every day, I’m not going to get the books done.

Everyone has notions of what it means to be an author. They can imagine all sorts of things, and tend to not see others. We don’t all have a fancy desk in a dedicated office, surrounded by books and manuscripts. We don’t all sit down with a mug of coffee and cheerfully create prose. Authors, especially those who are still seeking their readership, have to walk a delicate tight rope, balancing between writing time and family time. Getting the words down and the laundry put away. Debating between descriptions of characters and parent/teacher conferences. Deadlines and alarm clocks.

We can’t sit back and expect the readers of the world to flock to us once our first book is out. We have to keep writing, find that discipline, and connect with people.

All while listening to the Muse. Because she’s not always screaming to be heard. Sometimes, it’s a whisper.

Oh, but here’s our new Muse. Have to share a picture of her because, well, she’s just that cute.



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