Contests, a Free Story, and Taking the High Road

Good morning! Hope all is well with each of you today. It’s been a busy one around here, that’s for certain.

So, the contest ended. My story came in 12th overall. That’s not the end, though. My publisher is offering it up as a FREE download! Check it out here:

And here’s the great cover they made to go with it:


So, head over to the website and grab a copy. We’ve also go a few cookbooks with recipes by our authors that are free, just in time for summer cookouts!

I may not have ‘won’ the contest, but I didn’t lose. And I say that because I can still look myself in the mirror. I didn’t cheat. I didn’t trash another story (or twenty). I didn’t make personal attacks on reviewers. I let my words speak for me, not responding to their so called review. That can be hard some days, yes. When someone attacks your work and there’s no merit to the criticism, it’s bothersome. Our gut instinct is to respond to them. Defend our work.

And that’s when the trolls win. They got under your skin. They’re making you act rashly, speaking before you think. And they’re sitting behind their computer keyboard, reveling in it. Don’t think for a minute that responding to a troll is worth your time. It’s not. They’re nothing but insecure writer wannabes who would rather spend their time trying to discredit legitimate authors than hone their own craft.

They’re the modern day bully from 3rd grade. You know the one I’m talking about. The one who constantly put you down, called you names. The only difference now is you can’t see their face. So they’re getting meaner in the anonymity.

Meh. I say let them have their petty temper tantrum. By throwing it, they’re doing exactly the opposite of what they want to do. They’re showing my work has merit. That I’ve somehow gotten under their skin.

And that’s what it means to take the high road.


One thought on “Contests, a Free Story, and Taking the High Road

  1. Thank you for this wise post, KateMarie! I have learned a lot so far on my publishing journey, and yes, even though there are some unnecessary negative comments out there, I always try to move forward instead of acting like them. It’s human to want to protect yourself from a threat, but it’s more dignified to walk away in this case.

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