Sun, shade, and sales

Good morning!

Yep, I checked. It is still morning in my part of the world. Though my back’s lobbying for another few hours of sleep.

I was gone all weekend, camping. I have a lot of fun with the Society for Creative Anachronism, re-creating the Middle Ages as they should’ve been. Less plague, more sunscreen!

Okay, so I skimped on the sunscreen part this weekend.

I was in charge of the merchants on site, and had a small table set up with books. Sold two copies of ‘Daughter of Hauk’, and talked with several people. It amazes me how often someone will see books being sold at an event like this (craft fair, street fair, etc) and still ask if the person selling them is the author. And, when I said I was, they got all excited. I guess I’m still not used to the idea of someone seeing my job as glamorous.

Then again, they only see one side of it. The finished product. They don’t see how many hours a day we spend writing, editing, or working on blurbs. They don’t see us spending hours trying to decide on a title after discovering there’s hundreds on Amazon with the one you had in mind. Or digging through really worn copies of baby name books to find the ‘perfect’ name for a character.

Writing isn’t all book signings and movie deals. It’s spending hours in the sun, glad for a bit of shade, and waiting. Hoping. Because sales don’t happen by accident. Success is earned, not a given. And you’re going to end up with a sunburned nose every now and then.

On another note…Solstice is opening up to fan fiction! The Raven Chronicles is one of the worlds that’s available, too. I’ve already been told there’s a short story under contract for it. It’s truly humbling to find out something you wrote affected someone so much that they had to write a story associated with it.

If you want to know more about our fan fic line, check out this site:


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