New books, vacations, and when the job doesn’t stop

Good morning!

We’re off and about today. Heading towards Portland and the Columbia Gorge for a small vacation. One stop is Powell’s Books in downtown Portland. Hard to believe it’s been almost a year since I signed their Wall of Fame! Yes, I plan to go by and remind myself of that incredible honor.

So….’Arine’s Sanctuary’ is now live and available for purchase!*Version*=1&*entries*=0

It may be a vacation, but that doesn’t mean promoting stops. Or writing. There’s always a way to write if I’m not driving thanks to a netbook and thumb drive. I’ll leave postcards at restaurants and bulletin boards. And I’ve got a t-shirt or two that I’ll take and wear, as well.

Just because we’re on vacation doesn’t mean we get to take time off from promoting. That should never stop. Why? Because you’ve always got the chance to run into one person who doesn’t know who you are. That you’re an author, or have books published. That one missed connection is possibly a dozen lost sales. Readers talk. And meeting an author is usually a big thing for people. It’s that air of celebrity that goes along with the job title. You wrote a book. You got it published.

And now we have to tell the world. One reader at a time.


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