Well, it happened!

Well, last night was the big night. I’ve now got my first official book store signing under my belt.

Hold on a minute, I need more coffee. BRB

Much better. I’m way too tired today for my own good. LOL

So, last night. I sold three books, met a few readers, got ignored by more people than stopped by to even say hello. Which I expected, to be honest. I’m still an unknown. Not many people know that there’s an author out there named KateMarie Collins. I didn’t go into the evening imagining I’d have people waiting to buy my books, shake my hand, or I’d sell out. Did I dream that maybe that would happen? Sure. Every author does. But I knew better than to expect it.


To me, events like this aren’t about selling books. They’re about connecting to one reader who hasn’t heard of you. It’s creating that base of readers who will stay loyal to your writing for decades. It’s about the meet and greet and approachability over the sales.

One of the books I signed was going to be a gift to an 11-12 year old girl who loves to read. Another went to someone whose own small business I’ve patronized (Frakking Bombs…they make the BEST bath bombs…seriously, go find them on Etsy!), who was kind enough to return the support.

One person I met is a rabid reader, but was only out for a short time and had no money. Me handing her postcards and business cards and spending five minutes talking with her may lead to sales down the road. I won’t know, unless she contacts me, but it’s a start.

And we all have to start somewhere.


3 thoughts on “Well, it happened!

  1. Yeah, book signings are indeed mysterious things. I’ve done three: sold 19 at my very first and thought: ‘Hey, this is gooood!’ The next I sold none. And the third sold one. Sigh. Met lots of nice people, though!

  2. whooo hooo. As you say, you have to start somewhere and getting into a bookstore is awesome. As for meeting people, I think the unknown authors are really at a disadvantage because most people dont walk up to strangers and start a conversation, so they just choose to not walk up. Which is unfortunate, ’cause 5 minutes of the cool jazz BS of KateMarie and they would be buying books hand over fist.

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