And the wheel turns

Happy Winter Solstice, everyone!

‘Wielder of Tiren’ is moving forward. I spent most of Friday working on it. Put down over 3,000 new words, added a plot twist or two, and am about halfway with the first draft.

It’s a good feeling to know the wheels are turning again, the ideas are flowing. I know I’m not alone in having times where I just don’t want to write. Or the ideas aren’t coming. The twists and turns escape me. I truly think this happens with every author.

All we can do is keep trying. Do whatever you need to do in order to get the wheel moving again. I see it a lot like an old water powered grain mill. You need that wheel moving in order to grind the grain. The water’s right there, ready to supply the power, but the wheel’s stuck. Sometimes it’s a simple fix, other times it’s going to require a lot more to get it free.

But it’s worth the effort. Because then the words flow as fast as the water.


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