One word at a time

Happy Monday!

Sorry for no post last week. Vacation happened! I had several down day, relaxing times, and now I’m back at work.

I’m hard at work on a new story, something totally different than anything I’ve written to this point. And that’s when it hit me yesterday. The same thing that hits almost every author at some point. Self-doubt.

Why am I even bothering? No one’s buying my other books, what makes me think this one will be any different? Shouldn’t I go get a ‘real’ job to help pay for my oldest to attend college this fall? Why am I so special that I can even think I might maybe one day be good enough to make a noticeable contribution to our household finances by writing books?

The short answer to this: yes. I AM good enough.

It’s not a matter of the day to day sales. What matters is that I wrote something new. That I’m expanding my reader base. That I’m finding new ways to tell stories. That I found a way to work past that voice in my head that sounds like so many people. Because that voice has nothing to do with me. And everything to do with the insecurities of those who want me to fail.

Instead of listening to those who nitpick your book, insist you do something like change a character’s name, the font of your cover, or insinuate that it won’t sell because the formatting’s not something they like, surround yourself with the positive people. The ones who support you, lift you up. Ask for more to read.

Books aren’t written overnight. Or in a vacuum. We all have outside influences trying to sway us. Some are doing it in a good way. Others, not so much. The trick is to figure out who is saying what, and why.

There’s only one way to write a book. And that’s one word at a time. The trick is finding the words even when the jealousy and insecurities of those around you are drowning out those words.


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