Tomorrow! It’s finally here!

Good morning everyone!

I know, I missed last Monday. All I can say is that it’s been a crazy week. The weekend was even worse, as our router/modem went down. Lots of frustrating phone calls only to find out ours went down. Took 4 stores, 3 helpful (and one unhelpful) associates, and over $250, but we’re online again.

Anyway, tomorrow’s the big day. I head to Chicago for BookExpo America!!!!!

I’m going to be super busy, but I plan to make a post each night. Pictures, too!

I’ve always wanted to visit Chicago. Plus, I get to meet up with Todd Diel! He wrote the fan fic for ‘Daughter of Hauk’. Title is ‘The Faith To Fight’. Go check it out on Amazon…it’s a great short story!

I also get to meet some of my fellow Solstice Publishing authors, and a few friends. It’s not all ‘go to con, back to hotel’ type of trip. It’s promoting my books, Solstice as a publishing house, and being a tourist all at the same time.

I’ve got to pack, make a grocery store run, and reassure my cat that I do plan on coming home. And I can’t forget my Tentacle Kitty! Be sure to watch for photos of her travels in Chicago on my twitter feed (@DaughterHauk)!



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