When life (death?) interrupts


I know, I didn’t do a post last week. Things have been…chaotic.

My dad died on the 21st. We didn’t expect him to go that fast after my mom. We thought we’d have a few more years.

He went quickly, which gave me comfort. Time will make things better. So will writing.

I’d already decided my next book would be dedicated to him. That decision was made months ago, partially because of an aspect to the story. It took me more than a week to be able to move it forward, though. Too much pain, grief, to put words to paper.

Hades, I’m tearing up now as I type this.

I’m not going to tell you to hug the people you care for, or say I love you to them, because they could be gone tomorrow. We were on good terms when he went, each knowing the other loved them.

I only ask that you give a moment’s pause each day and spend 5 minutes doing something you thought of but have been putting off. Don’t let things slide. It’s the small things that take little time but we don’t do that matter. The thank you’s, the courtesy, the words that should be said and aren’t.

Don’t regret not taking time to do something small. You may think it’s insignificant, but it may not be. Because the person you do it for may think it’s huge.


2 thoughts on “When life (death?) interrupts

  1. Wise words. We all need reminding. Thank you. For what it’s worth, I asked a friend shortly after my wife Judi passed away, whether the pain would ever go away. He’d lost his wife three years earlier. He replied: “No. But in time you will learn how to manage it better.” He was right. Now, 12 years later, I think of Judi every single day and the pain remains, but the dominant emotion is not pain but gratitude toward Judi for the love she shared with me for 38 years. Time heals.

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