Welcome to Teaser Tuesday – A Stab at the Dark!

Hey everyone!

Like I said yesterday, I’m trying some new stuff. Last Monday interviews are going to be on hold. I’m still on the fence if I’ll post stuff on Mondays or not…we’ll see. LOL

However, I want to start giving out more teasers! Starting today, and as often as I remember, I’m going to post a teaser from one of my books!

Today, I’m happy to share a short story from my anthology, “A Stab At The Dark”!

Death’s Agent

            The cigarette tip flared for a moment, breaking up the darkness of the alley. A figure leaned against the wall. Wisps of smoke floated about his head. The shadows of the alley obscured his face, which was what he wanted. Few would ever admit to seeing him. Even fewer would survive if they did.
The alley itself wasn’t much different than thousands he’d waited in before. Rodents gave him a wide berth, scurrying about in the piles of trash and human waste. He really didn’t mind the rats. At least they didn’t try to bum a smoke from him.
He glanced up once. The apartment window, dark as the alley, gave off a light that few could see. He was one who could. The pulsing red light was starting to fade. He glanced at his watch. 3:51 am. It wouldn’t be much longer. By 4:00, he would be able to go in and put the light out.
He raised the cigarette to his lips, only to find it was nothing but ash and filter. Cursing, he added it to the small pile just to his right. Judging by the size, he’d gone through at least two packs since he got here. A black-gloved hand reached into the pocket of his coat. He fumbled about, finally pulling another pack out. Absently tapping the pack against his other hand, he glanced at the window again. The light wasn’t getting any dimmer. He might finish this pack while he waited.
The sound of cellophane mixed with the chittering of the rats. He put one of the cigarettes in his mouth. One hand put the pack away, the other searching for his lighter. Flame flared as he lit up, briefly illuminating his face. The rats ran at the sight.
He inhaled deeply, enjoying the familiar rush of the nicotine. Something different happened, though. He coughed. Not a simple cough, but one that threatened to tear out what lungs he may have left. Doubling over with the effort, he rode out the spasm. When it finished, he leaned against the wall. His breath came in gasps.
It was then that he saw the other figure in the alley.
“Been here long?” A woman’s voice drifted towards him.
“Too long, if you ask me. Not sure where the intel came from, but this one–” he gestured up towards the window “–isn’t ready to go yet. Judging from the light, he’ll be here a while.”
The woman walked towards him, her stiletto heels making no sound on the pavement. She glanced upwards, then turned her attention back to him.
“He’s not the one who will be leaving tonight.”
A scythe appeared in her hands, slicing downward. Her watch beeped. It was 4:00 a.m. He may have been one of Death’s best agents, but the chain smoking needed to stop. Now.

Be sure to pick up a copy! I’m going to be using universal links so you can find the books no matter what country you’re in!




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