New beginnings, temporary goodbyes

It’s Thursday. Outside, it’s raining. Which isn’t anything new for this part of the world, but we were dry (and warm) for a time.

It’s been a crazy few weeks since my last post. I haven’t gotten far on either of my wips, which I need to change. I need to stop putting the writing on the back burner. It’s hard, though, when so many other things seem more important.

We said a temporary good bye to one of our gaming buds. Ed’s job changed shifts on him, and he wasn’t going to make it to the table on Saturdays because of it. Work does take precedence. Gaming’s great, but it doesn’t pay the bills.

So, head over to my page for D&D stories and read up on what Jinnaari’s up to while Ed’s on hiatus. He’s a good guy, so we’re keeping a place at the table for him in hopes that things will change down the road.

We bought me a new car a week ago! It’s a 2018 Nissan Kicks S. I named her Leia, and it’s the first car I’ve ever bought license plate frames for. Both Star Wars themed, naturally. It’s a freaking car of holding!!!! Went to a SCA event a few days later and everything fit! And I still had sight lines!


Hubby had to take some vacation days or he’d stop accruing them, so I did the same for the retail job. Timing was perfect, as I’m transferring to a closer location starting next week. We took Leia on a road trip and I can honestly say she handles really well. Better gas mileage, safety features my old van didn’t have, and all the room I need. That the back lighting for the instrument panel (defrost, fan, etc) is a cool red color. Never seen that before, and it fits the car well.

Tonight, I’d like to write. But there’s other things that need to be done yet. That’s the biggest problem in my life right now. Finding the balance between what I need to do and what I want to do. I need to write. But I need to pay bills. Sadly, the first isn’t contributing to the second. Yet.

And so I plot gaming sessions. Write small stories about our group. Think about the chapter I’m on with ‘Guarding Connor’ or ‘Eynhallows’. Make sure I take care of my family. Create new characters to play alongside the one I have so our group doesn’t die (Ed/Jinnaari was our tank…having extra characters is going to be a necessity if we want to survive). And hope that one day I can go back to having writing time every day that’s more than 5 minutes long.


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