Morning everyone!

I’ve been hard at work. Both the retail job and writing. ‘Inversion of Magic’ is up for sale, and I’ve got a couple events in November where you can pick up copies. I’ll get those dates and locations listed on that part of my site in a few days.

Writing wise, I’ve been working on making ‘Mark of the Successor’ and ‘Consort of the Successor’ a single novel. The new title is ‘Tiadar’. I’m over halfway done with the first pass.

The stories blended together better than I thought they would, which is nice. I was concerned about that, since the two novels focused on different characters. But the story works well.

I’m deep into the second half now, where the focus is on Talin over Lily, and found myself smiling a lot yesterday. I wrote some good passages in there!

Once I finish this first pass (the new ending still needs to be written, and that’ll take some work!), I’m putting it aside for a week. I’ll go work on beta comments for ‘Guarding Connor’, maybe take ‘Eynhallows’ back up. I’ve found I need to distance myself from something to regain my objectivity on it. Once that week’s done, I’ll go back to ‘Tiadar’ and make another pass at adding details.

Then, and only then, will I start sending it out to publishers or agents.

The hunt still goes on. I will not give up.


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