Cleaning out the old

Hey! It’s Monday!

A rather gray one here, but that’s fine. I have my coffee. I wish I could say I’ll be writing today, but that’s a big nope. When you have an 8 hour retail shift, plus pick the hubby up from the airport, it kills the day.

I’ve been thinking of pulling my author page on FB for a while now. I’m going to be doing just that. Not my normal one, mind you. Just the author one I made when I first signed with my old publisher.

I rarely post there. Okay, so this blog’s not updated regularly either. LOL. But that page was…well…not doing what I wanted it to do.

I want to interact with my readers. Respond to comments. Hear a joke or how your day’s going. The author page on FB wasn’t letting me do that. It’d become something that I simply didn’t like dealing with. I’d rather come here, post a new D&D story or blog post. Or talk with someone on Twitter. Share news on my normal FB page and make it public.

I’m going to streamline my promotions and social media to levels that are manageable for me. Keep the sites that I enjoy being on, delete the ‘why did I make that’ pages on sites I never go to any more.

If you were following me on FB, please send me a friend request on my normal page ( or on Twitter (@DaughterHauk). Or make sure you’re following my blog!

While writers create in a vacuum, as writing by its very nature is a solitary craft, that doesn’t mean we’re all hermits. I’m more of an extrovert, with bouts of introvertedness, and want to talk to people more days than not.


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