The Murder Hobos – Episode 12 – Helix Makes a New Toy

Helix took a deep breath, pausing in his work to dab at the bead of sweat that threatened to run down his nose. A mistake now would not get the results he wanted.

Adam kept watch over the party, leaving Helix time to do what he wanted. This would be a surprise for all of them, one he hoped would be well received. With Thia, it was impossible to tell. Savy and Rhaine wouldn’t care. Lor, well, how does one read a Dragonborn’s face? He’d learned Jinnaari’s tells, but hadn’t been around Lor enough yet.

As to Lynn and Adam…they’d both think it was completely justified. The warlock in particular.

He looked back down at the small pile of ashes he’d scooped up. It was time. Grasping the cylinder of wood he’d spent the last hour hollowing out, Helix poured the ashes into the center while muttering the spell. Using a rag, he lifted the small, metal pot off the fire and began to use the melted wax held within to seal the end.

Steam rose as the wax seared into the wood. The smell, a combination of materials and a hint of fear, made him smile. The rod was barely a foot long. Inside, Maynard began to wake up.

What have you done to me?

Helix smiled. “I found you a new home!” he replied enthusiastically.

As what? There was a note of fear in Maynard’s voice.

“You’re a kitty brush! You can stroke my fur and get out all the knots!”

A wail, full of despair, echoed through the room. Adam turned, looking at Helix. “I don’t want to know, do I?”

Helix smiled, holding up the new toy. “Now Maynard can be the most powerful kitty toy! Just like he always wanted! There’s all sorts of things he can do to make me happy!”

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