The Murder Hobos – Episode 14 – The Boneless Cat Puzzle

“I don’t get it, Rhaine,” Savy kept her voice low. “I mean, I know cats can sometimes look like they don’t have any bones. But Helix didn’t even have a skull!”

“I don’t know either, Savy,” she replied. “You were there when he got decapitated. Didn’t you see what happened?”

Savy’s lower lip stuck out as she pouted. “I was charmed, Rhaine. I only knew what that damn thing wanted me to know. Which was I needed to stick my head in its mouth when Helix got done.”

“Sorry, I forgot. It just doesn’t make any sense.” Rhaine looked around the room. Everyone else slept. They’d put Helix’s body and head into Caelynn’s portable hole. He was already dead. She didn’t really miss the Tabaxi, to be honest. Thia, though, had withdrawn into herself. Enough that it bothered Rhaine. It was bad enough the Drow were chasing her down. Thia wasn’t used to being outside her temple, didn’t have the hardness she needed to be adventuring. Losing a companion like this, not being able to resurrect him, had hit her hard. Still, the other cleric had skills.

Rhaine went back to how the corpse had looked when the fatal chomp happened. Helix’s body went limp. He was dead, yes. You’d think that would be normal. But there was more to it. Almost like he was nothing but mud and glop inside with only his skin and fur holding him together.

“Get some sleep, Rhaine,” Savy commanded. “You need to get your spells back before we put those eyeballs in that door. I’ll wake up Adam in a bit.”

Nodding, Rhaine settled into her bedroll. There was a high likelihood they’d be fighting something tomorrow. She just hoped it wasn’t something they couldn’t handle.

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