The Murder Hobos – Episode 18 – Savy Gets Smart

“Shit,” Rhaine breathed when she examined Lynn’s arm. The skin was translucent, with small cracks forming. Whatever the creature spit on her definitely wasn’t good for her health.

Savy sat in the boat, watching the commotion. That Rhaine was swearing wasn’t a good sign. Sure, she swore. A lot. But that was Rhaine. And she really didn’t swear unless she really meant it.

Even Savy had to admit that Lynn’s arm didn’t look like it should.

“Here, get it wet,” Adam draped a cloth soaked in lake water across Lynn’s arm. “Does it still hurt?”

“It didn’t hurt to begin with. What’s wrong?”

“It’s a disease of some kind,” Thia said. Savy liked Thia, but she didn’t want to tell Rhaine that. “The aboleth’s secretions must cause it.” Savy watched the dark-skinned cleric concentrate on the arm, her face growing sad. “I can’t heal it, though.”

“Neither of us can,” Rhaine spoke up. “Whatever the cure, it’s beyond our skill.” The redhead moved closer and lifted one corner of the rag. “It looks better if you keep it wet. Everybody, fill up whatever you have with water. We’ll have to keep the arm wrapped, and wet, until we can get back to town. We need a cleric who’s had more training than either of us, or some sort of wish.”

“Rhaine?” Savy tried to get her friend’s attention.

“Not now, Savy,” she didn’t even look at the deep gnome.

“Rhaine?” Savy said again, this time a bit louder.

Adam wrapped Lynn’s entire arm, then started pouring water over the rags. No one was listening to her!

“Rhaine!” She screamed. It worked. Everyone turned and looked at her.


“Why don’t we just ask the genie that was in the bottle Helix picked up to heal her?”

Jaws dropped, heads hung low, and everyone looked silly.

Thia started to rummage in one of her packs. “Savy, that’s the best idea ever.”

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