The Murder Hobos – Episode 22 – The Sword Arm of Lathander

Savy flung herself at the stone block, “Rhaine!” Nothing. It wouldn’t budge.

Everyone else was on the other side of the massive rock. For a moment, she thought about using Dawnbringer as a chisel.

You’re overthinking this.

She blinked. “Lathander?” she whispered.

I told you both that you would be here on loan only until Jinnaari Althir returned. Your job is done. It’s time for you and Rhaine to come home to me.

“She’s in there,” Savy pointed to the blocked corridor.

You and I needed to talk first. She will live. Do you really think I would lose my Shield, my Right Hand, so easily?

She pouted, “No, Lathander. It’s just…” she couldn’t finish the sentence.

It’s just that you have grown, as well. You are no longer what you appear to be. It is time to embrace who you truly are, and let the world know who that is.

            “You mean?”

Yes. Shed this shell, Savage. Become my Sword, and sit as my Left Hand.

Dawnbringer flared to life, sending out a blinding white light that filled the room. A guttural scream echoed through the chamber as the deep gnome changed. When the light receded, Savy was no more. Instead, a seven-foot-tall male barbarian stood.

Behold, Savage, as you were always meant to be. My Sword in battle. The counterpart to Rhaine, who is my Shield. As she sits on my right, so shall you sit on my left. Destroy this room, so it will not concern your former companions when they enter. Open the portcullis, go down the stairs, and return to me.

“What about Rhaine?” Savage smiled at the deep tenor of his voice.

She will follow soon enough. You are both creatures of pure magic. Acerack’s restrictions will not confine you. This battle is not ours any longer. You have provided the aid I promised Bahamut and Kelemvor. It is on the others to keep Thia safe now.

Savage turned toward one of the wardrobes, throwing the door open. The creature that came out never stood a chance. Within minutes, he was ankle deep in bodies and blood. The wardrobes were empty, and the portcullis began to rise.

With one final look toward the stone block, Savage charged down the hallway. The staircase was on the left.

As he bounded down the stairs, the hair on his arms began to stand. He slowed down and tightened his grip on Dawnbringer.


As the plaintive wail crept up from below, Savage’s body began to glow. The energy that held him together dissipated, and he left to rejoin Lathander.

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