The Murder Hobos – Episode 28 – The Solar and the Cat Lord

“Will you please tell me why you’re here?” The Solar sighed, watching the Cat Lord stare at the myriad of dots on the wall.

The Tabaxi’s ears twitched. “Fine. But can you make the lights move again?”

“Not until you’ve told me why you’re here,” he responded.

“Your friend…the warlock…he’s doing important things, right? I mean, that’s why Helix is with him. But I don’t think that’s good enough. I’ve got a rogue that just began her second…wait…maybe it’s her third? Dunno. It’s hard to keep track when you get nine lives. Anyway, I’m sending her to Waterdeep. She’ll be there by the time your friend and all of his friends arrive. I told her to find him. You might want to warn him. She’s got a grudge against the Drow, so she’d be fun to take with them.” He looked back at the wall, “Do I get the lights back, now?”

The Solar sighed, “Not yet. I need a name.”

“I don’t know what your friend is called. He’s a warlock. Isn’t that enough? Can’t you keep track of your own followers?”

“I meant the name of the Tabaxi rogue you’re sending to help him!”

“Oh. Her. Her names’s Forgotten Moon Cloud. I think. She has a grey tabby stripe to her fur, and has green eyes.”

Giving up, the Solar changed his rays. With a happy chirp, the Cat Lord began to bat at the small points of light that danced across the wall.

* * *

“Adam,” the voice of his patron echoed in his mind as he stood on the railing of the ship.

“Yes,” he replied. “What can I do for you?”

“When you get to Waterdeep, seek out a Tabaxi by the name of Forgotten Moon Cloud. She’ll know to look for you, but not why. You’ll need her talents for what comes next.”

“Alright. What does come next, anyway?”

“The path isn’t clear yet. But trust the paladin. He’s smarter than he looks.”

The presence left Adam’s mind. Looking out to the horizon, he made out the outline of land. They would be docking soon.

He’d need to look out for this new companion, yes. But rest, shopping, and a bit of ale were needed, as well.



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