The Murder Hobos – Episode 33 – If

“Everyone okay?” Adam’s voice rang through the chamber. “Helix? Thia?”

“I’m fine,” Thia responded, her voice quiet. She heard the rest of the group speak up. No losses for them, no wounds that she couldn’t heal.

For the dead Drow at her feet, though, there would be no next battle.

She stared at the corpse; her mind numb. Lifeless lilac eyes stared back at her. They were same color as her own. Were they related? Did she just kill a cousin? A sister? For a moment, she thought about asking Ishacte, but quickly dismissed it. They were barely on speaking terms; asking her if the Drow Thia’d killed was a relation would only make things worse.

Couldn’t they just understand she wanted to be left alone?

Adam started to rummage through the Drow’s pockets. Part of the jacket moved aside, revealing a red hourglass tattoo. The mark of Lolth.

Thia’s hand moved to her cheek, caressing Kelemvor’s brand. It had been her choice to place it there. She needed the world to know she wasn’t Drow.

Yet the person on the floor in front of her, an ever-widening pool of blood beneath her, hid her mark. Was she ashamed of Lolth?

“Hey! Thia?”

She blinked, pulling her mind back to the present. Adam stood in front of her. His face was concerned. “Huh? What?”

“You okay? I’ve asked you a question three times now.”

“Yeah, I, um,” she took a deep breath. “Sorry, my brain went someplace for a minute. What was your question?”

He pointed to the corpse, but kept his gaze on her. “They’re all wearing the same sigil on the collar. Do you know which House it belongs to?”

She looked at the garment. A swirl of red and black, against a white background. “No, I don’t. I’m sorry.” She sighed. There was something familiar about it, though. Thia really didn’t know anything beyond that, and she didn’t think it was worth mentioning. “You should ask Ishacte. She’d know. From the curses she flung at her before the battle, they weren’t on friendly terms.”

“You sure you’re okay?” He lowered his voice. “You look pale.”

“I’m fine. Just tired of dealing with all of this.” She waved a hand absently. Sighing, she turned and walked away.

There was only two ways for this to end. Either they found Jinnaari, and he killed Lolth, or Lolth made Thia surrender. If Jinnaari didn’t kill the Goddess, they’d be slaughtered. At that point, would she be able to keep her soul from being consumed by evil?

For the first time since she’d heard she was being hunted, Thia wondered if surrender was the better option.

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