The Murder Hobos – Episode 36 – Beginning Negotiations

Helix watched Ishacte as the party slept. Like Caelynn, she didn’t sleep. Talking to her without the rest taking notice, though. Now, that would be the trick.

“What is it, Tabaxi?” Her voice was low, barely above a whisper.

“I’m curious.”

She turned her full attention to him. She may have the same lilac eyes as Thia, but there was a coldness to hers that intrigued him. Adam and the rest weren’t fooled. Ishacte would turn on Thia, on all of them, if the situation called for it. “You’re a Tabaxi. That’s a normal thing for your kind.”

“I was wondering if you and I couldn’t come to a mutually beneficial arrangement. Providing things turn out as we both want when it comes to Thia, that is.”

He couldn’t read her face.

“What is it you want when it comes to the mongrel?”

“If Jinnaari can do what he’s supposed to, provided we find him, you’re going to be in a position of power. Yes?”

She nodded, but didn’t answer. Helix continued, “I’m thinking there’s some things up on the surface: spell components, books, maybe some fine chocolates. Who knows. But theses are things you could use a direct line to. I’m willing to provide that.”

“In return?”

He stretched, arching his back, “I be given a small holding connected to your lands, somewhere down here. One that’s free of faerzress, so I can teleport without issue. That’s all.”

Ishacte snorted. “You think being a smuggler is worth that? You’re delusional.”

“I have more to offer.” He paused. “Out in Chult, not far from the ruins of Omu, there’s a hut. Inside are 4 troglodyte thralls that I’ll sign over to you. And,” he paused. This was his ace. “I can tell you exactly how to retrieve the Eye of Vecna.”

“You know where it is?”

“I do. It was offered to them, but they refused it. Fools.”

“Offered to them, but not you? That’s odd.” Her brow furrowed in thought.

“I was being held hostage by some night hags.” He glanced over at Thia’s sleeping form. “They were desperate for information on your sister. They wanted to get in Lolth’s good graces by turning her over. Only the paladin came back before the group encountered the coven. That’s when I was freed.” Smiling, he turned his attention back to Ishacte. “They argued a lot, talked even more. And never once suspected I was listening.”

Ishacte nodded. “I will think on your offer, Tabaxi.”

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