The Murder Hobos – Episode 38 – Betrayal

“Go ahead,” Ishacte turned toward Jinnaari. “We’re not far now. The tunnel at the far end leads right to Vizeran’s tower.”

The dragonborn turned to her. “Ladies first,” he growled. And I’m using the term loosely, he thought.

Earlier that day, he’d found the group. Or they’d found him. It was a little unclear. The best way to describe it, really, was that their paths converged. Caelynn had his gear, and he grateful to have his sword and armor back.

Ishacte, though, was another matter. None of them trusted the Drow. Adam had explained why they were paired up, and it made sense. To a point.

He glanced back at Thia as she walked next to Pan. The druid kept telling a constant stream of stories about his family. Thia’s family. He could still see the fear and anxiety she had. She wasn’t going to relax until they were back on the surface and Lolth defeated. Knowing Pan was her cousin gave her a connection with her human side, one she desperately needed with Ishacte leading them. The verbal abuse her Drow sister heaped on her any chance she got made his scales itch.

Thia hadn’t healed Ishacte after the last fight. Flat out refused to. Kelemvor’s words echoed in his mind: If ever you think that she has turned away from the path she was meant to walk, that she has embraced the evil that is Lolth, I ask that you use this weapon to end her life.

“Watch out!” Moon’s voice broke through his thoughts.

Rounding a bend, he caught sight of two Cambrion heading their way. “We have incoming!” he screamed back at the rest of the group before charging past Ishacte to engage the pair of fiends.

As he swung at the first, Adam’s voice called out, “There’s two more behind us!”

“Shit,” Jinnaari swore as he parried his foe’s strike.

“Bitch!” Pan called out.

Jinnaari dared a glance over his shoulder. Pan and Thia were engulfed in webs. Ishacte lowered her arms, a satisfied smirk on her face.

“Oh, it’s on.” He slid through the Cambrion’s defenses and drove his blade home. He glanced at Moon, “You have this one?”

“Yeah,” the Tabaxi replied, “go help Thia and Pan.”

Jinnaari ran toward the Drow. Those two would get out of the web, he was sure. His target was the wench that cast the spell.

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