We played D&D today! Sort of….

So, The Murder Hobos were back in action today. We set up a game on the Roll20 platform and did our best to muddle through it. Some fights happened. No one died. Well, no party members anyway.

The system isn’t perfect. One player had serious microphone issues. Another drained his iPad during the final fight. But it was better than not playing! We’re all thinking that in person is the best, but this will do for now.

If we’re really lucky, we’ll be done with this whole ‘social distancing’ stuff in a week. By the way, I’ve rarely ever seen THAT level of luck. So, we’re planning for another online session. With a few stories in between, of course!

My son is going to work with me some before the next session, see if we can’t work out a few of the kinks we found. Given what’s coming up…yeah. We need to work those kinks out.

The area’s still under a level 4 quarantine. Outside of really necessary things, we’re home all weekend. 1 trip out is planned for tomorrow (should take less than 5 minutes to do the errand. The rest is in my car, driving.). And a planned meeting between me and someone else who, like the rest of us, will do the appropriate greeting.

Monday, I don’t plan to go anywhere unless it’s a walk around the block.

Working on a few household things right now. Our kitchen sink backed up this morning and we’re still trying hard to get it clear. Dinner’s getting made. And some plotting with one of the players before the next session has to take place.

Life goes on. For someone who’s an extrovert with a few introvert tendencies, this sucks!


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