The Murder Hobos – Episode 56 – Setting Watch

Adam climbed down the ladder, glad to be out of the room. The look in Thia’s face wasn’t one she normally wore. There was no mistake; she’d overheard them enough to realize something was being kept from her. And she didn’t like it.

“Everything okay?” Caelynn asked him as he reached the main floor of the fortress.

“Yeah,” he said, forcing himself to be calm. If it wasn’t, they’d know it soon enough. Not that Thia was one to scream when she was angry. But he didn’t think the discussion would stay silent, either.

He looked at the bard and Moon. “Jinnaari wants us to set up a watch. I’ll take first, he’ll take last. Who wants the second and third one?”

Moon’s ears twitched, “Why do we need a watch? No one can come in here.”

Adam nodded, “You’re right. But they can surround us, set up a siege. Do you want to wake up tomorrow and find a thousand Drow out there? Or a swarm of Trolls? Besides,” he pulled a piece of dried beef out of his belt pouch, “if the book and map were correct, we won’t have this when we get into the tunnel.”

“What book and map?” Caelynn asked.

“Helix liberated them from Vizeran’s tower and gave them to me. I found a shortcut, so we’ll be to this tunnel of his tomorrow. But it’s not tall enough for this to work.” He nodded upward. The fortress had been great so far, but it was a good ten feet taller than the conduit would be. “If we set it up, we could destroy it. Or punch a hole into the ceiling, alerting everyone to where we are. I’m not willing to take that chance, and neither is Jinnaari.”

“What about Pan and Helix? Don’t they need to be on the schedule?” Moon asked.

“Helix spends so much time in the Ethereal plane, we’re not sure where he’s at, let alone if he’s awake or asleep. Pan’s human, he needs the sleep. Thia needs it, too. The two of you,” he pointed at the two women, “either don’t require it or can meditate and be good. Though I think sleep when it’s not your turn is a good idea. We’re close to Lolth. Everyone needs to be at their best, not tired.”

“So, four of us? Two-hour shifts?” Caelynn asked.

Adam nodded. Caelynn knew the drill well enough that he didn’t worry about her. Moon had done well when they’d set up a watch before, but she was a Tabaxi. Which meant easily distracted more times than not. “With the two of you in between me and Jinnaari, he and I will get enough sleep, as well.”

“How close are we, Adam? Really?” Caelynn looked at him. “I’m worried about her.”

“Closer than Lolth wants us to be.”

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