Doing what I can

So, day 1 of my unplanned vacation is going okay. I spent time cleaning out my closet this morning. Taking the winter stuff to the closet in my daughter’s bedroom (she’s at college), bringing some of the spring stuff into mine. Getting rid of stuff I don’t wear or have shrunk out of. Organizing my shoes. That sort of thing.

It actually was nice to do. I opened the curtains in our bedroom to add some extra light. We’re having great weather today, and that helps. When you’re cooped up inside, it’s good to see the sun.

Plus, the cats love that I have the door open. They can go in/out at their leisure. And sunbeams are back!

The Murder Hobos are still meeting online this week (sob!). But I think the game will be smoother this week.

I did do something to help the rest of you, though. I mean, I’m not the only person that’s self-isolating, social distancing, etc!

“Inversion of Magic” is FREE to download through Sunday, 3/22!

inversion of magic final

Download a copy, leave a review if you can. And take some deep breaths with me. We’re going to get through this, eventually.


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