The Murder Hobos – Episode 60 – The Aftermath

Pan carefully rolled up Thia’s gear in her bedroll, making sure that all the smaller pieces were tucked safely within the fabric. Her armor he set off to the side. He’d have to put that into his bag separately.

“We’ll get her back, Pan.” Jinnaari’s voice was just above a whisper, but confident.

“We have to,” he insisted. “I made promises to her. Ones I intend to keep.”

“What sort of promises?”

Pan opened up his bag and eased the bulk of her gear inside. “My mother would want to meet her. Our entire family would. I promised to take her there. She’d have a home, if she wanted it.” He leaned back. “This is my fault.”

“No, it’s not. It’s no one’s fault. Not even Moon’s.” The dragonborn knelt in front of him, picking up Thia’s chain shirt. “Whoever Lolth sent after her watched us for a long time, waited for the perfect moment. It was too well planned out.” He looked around the room. “She took advantage of Moon, and of us. It’s not ideal, but we’ll work with it. For now,” he turned back to Pan and handed him the shirt, “keep her stuff safe. She’s probably going to want it back fairly quickly once we find her.”

“About that,” Pan said as he put the chain mail in the bag, “I know your target is Lolth. It always has been. Do you think Thia will be nearby?”

“Absolutely. This whole time, Thia’s been some sort of prize for Lolth. I doubt she’ll be far away from the Goddess. Especially if she’s been resisting Her attempts to convert her.”

Pan nodded. “She will, you know. She’ll not give in easily. Kelemvor has been the one constant in her life this far. She trusts Him more than she does you.”

“I hope so.”

The words were so faint that Pan wasn’t sure he heard them. “What do you mean?”

“I hope Thia’s close to Lolth. That’s all.” A dark shadow passed over the paladin’s face so quickly that Pan wondered if he imagined it.

“Good. Because I’ll get to her, make sure she’s alive. You’ve got enough to worry about with Lolth and anything else we have to fight in the room.”

Jinnaari rose and started to walk away. “Hey, one more thing,” Pan called out to him as he rose.

Turning, he looked at the druid, “What?”

Pan held out his alchemy jug. “Keep this with you. Thia doesn’t need me getting drunk today. You can give it back to me when she’s free and we want to celebrate.”

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